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The New Dark Tower Trailer is Here

Hi-octane Gunslinging Action!

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The new Dark Tower trailer dropped yesterday and it is packed with juicy gun-slinging action!

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The Dark Tower movie will follow the Dark Tower series, written by Stephen King. Roland Deschain, played by Idris Elba, is the last living member from a knightly order known only as the GunslingersHe is the sole remnant of an ancient line of “Arthur Eld”, which is his world’s version of King Arthur. Mid-World, as they call it, is mainly a feudal society that is technologically and socially similar to the American Old West, BUT they have magic, or at least they used to. Most of the mystical aspects of Mid-World have long since passed, but traces remain in old relics from a technologically advanced society.

Roland’s quest is to seek out this Dark Tower, a structure fabled to be the nexus of worlds. His own world, has sadly “moved on” and the very fabric of what he knows seems to be coming undone. Great nations are dismantled by war, cities and entire regions have vanished without a trace, and time no longer flows in any specific way. The sun may rise in the north and then set in the east, for example.

Roland’s quest however, is threatened by Walter O’Dim, better known as the “Man in Black”. Walter seeks to destroy this Dark Tower and bring an end to the universes it anchors. Through magic and a hail of bullets, the two forces will collide in a battle of cosmic proportions that will determine the fate of everything we know and love.

The Dark Tower is set to release August 7, 2017!

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