It’s been announced that Tequila Works’ murder mystery game, The Sexy Brutale, is heading to Nintendo Switch, however it’s currently limited to Japanese markets.

The Sexy Brutale launched earlier this year on PC and PlayStation 4 and offered a weird twist on the Groundhog Day formula by throwing in a weird murder mystery aspect. In the game players are required to snoop around to find out who keeps murdering all of the guests of the Sexy Brutale casino mansion.

Players must spy on guests to figure out who is the murderer and how they can save each one from their untimely doom.

Recently, the game appeared over on the PEGI classification board, suggesting that the game is heading to Nintendo Switch, now we have a confirmation, however it’s via a Japanese press release meaning the game is currently only coming to Japanese Switch users. That being said, the game will likely be announced for European players soon considering the recent classification filling.

In our review of The Sexy Brutale, we scored the game 8 out of 10 saying: “The Sexy Brutale is incredibly enjoyable. Its a game that respects the player’s intelligence, and rewards attention and creative puzzle solving with gratifying story progression.”

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