Titanfall 2’s Co-op Horde Mode Lands Next Week

Respawn Entertainment are bringing back a fan-favourite game mode back to Titanfall 2 next week in the form of Fronteir Defense, a four-player co-op horde mode.

Fronteir Defense will be landing on all platforms as part of a free update on July 25 and will see players defending their Harvester against five waves of enemies. By defeating these enemies players are rewarded currency which can be used to purchase traps, sentries, and other things to help defend against the enemy.

There’ll be five difficulty settings which players can try their hand at, Easy, Regular, Hard, Master, and Insane. As you’d expect, each setting will increase in difficulty but Insane Mode will be its own featured difficulty.

Frontier Defense will also come with five maps at launch: Homestead, War Games, Forwardbase Kodai, Rise, and Blackwater Canal. The mode will also have its own upgrade system with Aegis Ranks, earned by completing matches, which in turn will let players unlock perks and other things for their titans specifically for this mode.

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As part of this free update two more maps will also launch, a Livefire map called Township, and a multi-mode map called Rise. Premium cosmetic items will also be coming along in this update which players can purchase. Elite Warpaint weapon skins will do nothing drastic to gameplay other than offering players double XP.

If that wasn’t all, Titanfall 2 is holding another free trial, from July 28-30, and will contain all of the game’s multiplayer modes as well as the single player training obstacle course.

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