Developer Toby Fox have announced that their quirky RPG Undertale will launch August 15 for PS4 and PS Vita.

Speaking in a blog post on the PlayStation Blog, Toby Fox, creator of the game detailed the physical versions of the game along with pre-order bonuses. Players who pre-order will get a new dynamic PlayStation 4 theme by Truant Pixel with art by Merrigo and a new minute-long song by Toby Fox, which you can check out below.

Undertale will support Cross-Buy on launch so you’ll get a PS4 copy and the PS Vita version. There will also be physical copies of the game produced by Fangamer, a Standard Edition and a Collectors Edition will be available with the following bonuses present in the latter;

  • Available in PS4 or PS Vita versions
  • Undertale Soundtrack with cover art by fan artist Cocoa Ando. Also, a couple tracks added, like the PS4 Theme background music
  • 24-page booklet featuring a re-illustration of the opening sequence by Temmie Chang! (She made those originally, you know…)
  • Reversible cover you’ll immediately regret realizing is reversible
  • Music Box Locket that was a pain to make because the previous factory kept making it off tempo
  • Undertale sheet music booklet featuring six songs with annotations by me that reveal their blatantly obvious inspirations
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