Nerd Theory: Could V Actually be Bruce Wayne?

V for Vendetta has inspired an aesthetic for activism and general rebellion against the norm, and the charming Brit’s identity has never been revealed, but I’ve got a theory as to who’s hiding behind the Fawkes mask: could V actually be Bruce Wayne?

Now, before you write me off for being crazier than the Joker, hear me out. V for Vendetta is set in an alternate universe, something DC made the norm and solidified it as a trope in comic book history. In these universes some things stay the same and some things don’t. Like some characters exist in one universe and don’t in another.

Alternatively, they maybe evil in one and good in another, and sometimes their fate might be hugely different.

So in case you didn’t know, V is basically a superhero freedom fighter set in a dystopian future in the UK, and his identity is never revealed. However, one of the big themes, in the film at least, is the idea that V is amalgamation of British culture and its population and that’s he’s more of an ideal than an actual man. He also happens, to a be a proficient warrior and a borderline tactical genius.

Bruce Wayne is motivated to become a crime fighter against a corrupt system after the death of his parents. He also happens, to a be a proficient warrior and a borderline tactical genius.

So what if Bruce Wayne is actually V?

Since Bruce Wayne travelled the world in his quest to become Batman, maybe he ended up in London? Maybe he got captured and sent to Larkhill and is turned into a demented super soldier, his memory lost because of the trauma, and he begins to think he’s actually English and assimilates the accents around him.

That would explain V’s various talents, the hand to hand skills, and brilliant tactics.

Alfred is trapped across the pond because of Britain’s new xenophobic government so he can’t rescue him.

Bruce has a strong sense of right and wrong, could a younger version of him be corrupted into the more vicious tactics that V uses? I mean V seems himself as an ideal just Batman has in certain version of the Batman story too.

If V had a vehicle, maybe he’d call it the V Mobile?

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