Blue is a brand new dating app which appeals to social media’s finest users, those on Twitter who have the coveted blue Verified tick.

What a time we live in people… a time where you’re judged worthy of a dating app if you are, according to Twitter, considered an influential person. That’s right, Blue is a brand new dating app which is only accessible if you have a Verified check mark on Twitter.

The creators claim that the app is all about authenticity (despite Blue’s blog post having the title: “Date Celebrities Discreetly ;-)”), meaning that because Twitter say you are who you are, then that must be true, connecting potential dates with actual real people. Isn’t that nice.

Of course, it’s really about creating a place for the Twitter elite to be able to get together to kanoodle in their own exclusivity. And I’m not saying that just because I’ve been refused the verification tick, I just think the app is a bit dumb.

You see, it’s dumb because Twitter recently opened up its Verification to anyone who’s considered influential in their field. Talk about video games a lot, or have a regarded position at a company, chances are you’ll get a check mark.

In comparison, the dating app Raya, which is really aimed at those select few, relies on more than a verification tick. It takes into account the followers its users have allowing only those who have more than a certain number of followers.

Ironically, the company behind Blue, Loveflutter, as well as the company’s founders aren’t verified on Twitter. Awkward.

To make matters worse, despite Blue’s gradual roll-out across San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, London and Tokyo, it’ll only be available in select locations because of its own limitations. Basically, it won’t come online in your area until there are more than 1,000 local members are available.

Good luck!

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