Why Voltron Should Join the Hasbro Universe

Hasbro, that popular toy production company have given comic publisher IDW the chance to create a shared universe of their popular Saturday morning money maker franchises including Transformers, Rom and G.I. Joe, Action Man, M.A.S.K, and Micronauts, and it’s doing pretty well for itself.

That being said, a universe is a very big place and we always have room for a few more bits and bobs here and there.

So, why doesn’t Voltron join the Hasbro Universe? But before we kick off, I want to clarify I do know that Voltron wasn’t a Hasbro production and it’s toy line never really kicked off, but still, this could work.

First off, the reason the Hasbro Universe seems to work so well is the fact that all these continuities merge so well together. Think about it. G.I. Joe, M.A.S.K, and Action Man work because they’re all paramilitary government agencies who defend the planet.

They defend the planet from threats that the Transformers bring along with them, like the Micronauts, who they brought to Earth through an ancient Transformer and they all team up to battle the arch enemies of Rom.

Then, you have the villains teaming up and merging like Dr X teaming up with rogue G.I. Joe ninja, Stormshadow, and a Transformer Magic Mcguffin being in the hands of Cobra.

Voltron could be slotted in since the appearance of Voltron, is very similar to a Transformer and would be seen as a threat to Earth’s forces. Voltron could even be a Transformer since it has been mentioned in the past that Voltron may have had a sentient being of some sort.

Maybe Voltron is some kind of Combiner? A Transformer made up of smaller Transformers.

The pilots of Voltron could have been trained by an offshoot of G.I. Joe. They do have a few astronaut-themed characters floating around somewhere in space. Maybe King Zarkon is somehow related Cobra-La or another villain in The Hasbro Universe?

In terms of which version of Voltron you would use, well, that’s up for the writers to cook up. I’m not that much a fan fiction guy come on…

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