It’s finally here, the teaser trailer for Season 8 of The Walking Dead is finally upon us, and as per Negan’s request, I hope you’ve got your shittin’ pants on.

We’ve been waiting for months and it’s finally here, Season 8 of The Walking Dead is coming on Monday, October 23 on FOX, and it looks to be incredibly explosive. Oh, and there’s a weird little flash forward at the end which is so very intriguing.

From where we left everyone in the finale of Season 7, it looks like hope hasn’t been lost, however little do they know what Negan has up his sleeves. In the trailer below we can see that Rick and the gang are back at The Hilltop and The Kingdom rallying the troops to “take back this world”.

Whether or not that’ll happen is another question.

Check out the trailer below:

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