Warframe is set to escape its procedurally-generated levels later this year with a brand new expansion that’ll introduce open worlds into the third-person shooter.

These new open-worlds, called Landscapes, will be introduced in the game’s Plains of Eidolon later this year and will allow players the freedom to roam around these vast landscapes completing quests from NPCs found in a town called Cetus.

These Landscapes will also offer day/night cycles which will vary the gameplay experience for players. In the day time, the only threat will be waves of Grindeer clones, however at night a new enemy, called Eidolons, will make an appearance. These huge enemies require teamwork to defeat.

“The intent since day one was to take leaps, create and add to the game in an organic way where we listen to and surprise our players,” community manager, Rebecca Ford, told PC Gamer. “So in a way the game has evolved into a mash of genres that we didn’t necessarily plan specifically, but so far we’ve managed to make sense of.”

These open worlds introduced in the upcoming expansion will support up to 50 players, which is impressive. Unfortunately it looks like we may have to wait some time as the expansion is yet to receive a release date.

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