Wavedash Games Reveals Icons: Combat Arena at EVO

Before the Super Smash Bros: Melee finals occurred at EVO 2017, fighting game fans and spectators alike were greeted with an unexpected surprise from Wavedash Games.

The grassroots-driven game studio, which received $6 million dollars in corporate funding earlier this year, revealed a teaser announcement for their long-awaited platform fighting game now known as Icons: Combat Arena.

The teaser trailer features five of the games unique playable characters. Four of which have been previously announced via Wavedash’s social media platforms, while one character, Zhurong, is a newly announced addition to the roster.

While EVO attendees gained their first opportunity to experience the newly announced title during the Wavedash EVO After Party, viewers at home will be able to watch the worldwide gameplay reveal tomorrow during EVO Sunday finals. The gameplay reveal is scheduled to be aired after Tekken 7 finals concludes and before Smash Wii U finals begins.

Sign-ups for the open beta are now open on the Icons website, with the incentive of an exclusive in-game skin for players that opt in. The Icons: Combat Arena open beta will be open to all fighters this Fall.


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