Wild West Online

612 Games have revealed the first ever gameplay footage from the highly anticipated MMO Wild West Online. The trailer, which can be viewed below shows the game running in its currently unfinished state.

Several new aspects of the game are shown off including the shift between first and third person perspective, the use of newspapers to gain objectives and character customisation options available via shops.

The footage also shows off the town’s Saloon area which acts as a social hub where players can hang out, gamble, drink and generally just indulge their inner outlaw. There’s also a reputation system which will govern a player’s morality. Actions like stealing give a bad reputation which will affect the way the game world treats the player. If it gets bad enough, you’ll end up on the most wanted list.

WWO is being seen to many as a Red Dead Redemption rival. Given Rockstar’s track record with PC ports it’s safe to assume that WWO will certainly get the jump on RDR, giving PC players their wild west fix.

You can sign up to reserve Alpha access here.

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