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Winter is Coming – Game of Thrones Series Recap Finale

Hold the door, hold..dor...Hodor! Hodor!

After a ton of catching up and back story, we reach the final stretch. To avoid confusion this final recap will be broken down by episode and only deal with events from Season 6.

Lets wrap this up!

Episode 1: The Red Woman

Season 6 kicks off with us seeing the true form of Melisandre. Apparently her necklace has the power to make her appear a LOT younger than she really is..


Still at Castle Black, Jon Snow is still dead. The scenes here mainly just build up to him supposedly being resurrected.

Theon and Sansa escape Winterfell with some help from Brienne and Poddrick.

In Dorn, the King is assassinated by Prince Oberyn’s lover. Danny is man handled by her Dothraki captors, and Varys and Tyrion witness first hand what civil unrest looks like in Meereen.

Episode 2: Home

Surprise! Jon Snow is back!

Meanwhile, we lose two house lords. Lord Bolton is murdered by his bastard Ramsay, who also feeds his baby brother and step mother to his dogs, cementing himself as the worst character, ever.

Over in the Iron Islands, a new, very intriguing story line begins. Baylon Greyjoy is reunited with his long lost, insane brother, Euron Greyjoy, who then throws Baylon off a very high bridge.

Back in King’s Landing things escalate further as the High Sparrow crashes Myrcella’s funeral and pisses off Jaime.

In Meereen Tyrion has the brilliant idea to release Danny’s two captive dragons. “Next time I have an idea like that, punch me in the face…”

Episode 3: Oathbreaker

Jon Snow hangs the ones that betrayed him.

Way up north we finally see Bran, very grown up, after his season 5 hiatus and we are treated to a very interesting vision. At the tower of Joy we see a young Ned Stark and learn he wasn’t as honorable as we all thought he was.

Arya gets her sight back, obviously.

Oh and Rickon Stark is back, which is really important.

We see that Danny isn’t adjusting to her new wifely duties very well, and Tyrion and Varys find out who is funding the Sons of the Harpy.

Episode 4: Book of the Stranger

Sansa and Jon Snow are finally reunited at Castle Black and they receive a threatening letter from the new Lord Bolton. Jon is forced to accept the fact that he needs to fight Ramsay and re-take Winterfell, but he won’t be alone as the Wildlings will be right behind him.

Over seas Danny refuses to be a Dothraki slave any longer and decides to burn all the Kharls alive along with herself, but surprise surprise, she emerges unscathed.

Episode 5: The Door

This sad, sad episode ends our time with the beloved Hodor. Hodor sacrifices himself to save Bran and Meera and we learn his shocking origin story .

We also learn another giant revelation that the Children of the Forest were the ones that created the White Walkers in an attempt to save themselves from mankind.

Sansa learns from Lord Baelish that the Black Fish has re-taken Riverrun.

In the Iron Islands, Theon vouches for his sister’s claim to the throne only to be shot down by their cousin Euron who makes it his mission to kill them.

Jorah comes clean to Danny and makes her aware of his stone skin affliction. She tasks him with setting out and finding a cure.

Over in Meereen Tyrion and Varys some what settle things down and establish an uneasy peace. They request the help of a new Red Priest who claims Danny is now the chosen one, lucky her.

Episode 6: Blood of my Blood

Bran’s Uncle Benjin is back!! However he seems to be slowly turning into a White Walker, but as of right now he’s here to help.

Sam Tully returns home for one hell of an awkward family dinner which results in him, Gilly and baby Sam leaving in the middle of the night. Not before taking his fathers precious Valyrian Steel sword though.

Arya screws up another assassination attempt and decides to leave the House of Black and White.

Danny gives a moving speech on the back of Drogon, asking the Dothraki to ride across the Narrow Sea with her, finally!

Lastly Jaime shows up in King’s Landing looking to kill the High Sparrow, only to find out King Tommin has sided with him and any killing would caused civil unrest.

Episode 7: The Broken Man

This episode mainly focused on the fact that the Hound is not dead, and instead is trying to lead the quiet life. Brother Ray, played by Ian McShane, has nursed the Hound back to life and looks to build a church in a rural community. Sadly, the lighthearted feel of this episode is fleeting, as everyone but the Hound is slaughter by rogue soldiers.

In Braavos, Arya is caught off guard and cut across the stomach by the Waif.

Margaery warns her grandmother that the High Sparrow seeks to imprison her, and at the siege of Riverrun, Jaime and Bronn try to get the Blackfish out of his castle.

Lastly, we’re introduced to a new Stark ally, Lyanna Mormont! This little 10 year old is the Lady of Bear Island and wastes no time putting Jon Snow in his place.

Episode 8: No One

Turns out Arya isn’t dead but instead just critically injured. Lady Crane patches her up, but is unfortunately slain by the Waif, who then chases Arya all over Braavos. Hardcore parkour! After the chase, Arya kills the Waif and returns her head to the hall of faces, and informs Jaqen that she is going home.

Brienne and Pod end up at Riverrun and say hi to Jaime and Bronn, but their main goal is to enlist the Blackfish to help Sansa. Refusing, Jaime then threatens Edmure Tully, who walks into the castle and demands his soldiers drop their weapons. The Blackfish goes down swinging.

Back with the Hound, we see him searching for the rogues that killed his new friends. He ends up finding the lot of them about to hang for the very same crime. The Brothers without Banners are the ones doing the hanging however, and they try to recruit the Hound to their cause.

In King’s Landing the Sparrows invite Cersei to come and talk with the High Sparrow or else. ‘Or Else’ happens and the zombie Mountain retaliates by tearing a sparrow’s head off.

King Tommin punishes her by setting a date for a trial and stating that Trials by combat are no longer allowed.

The Masters lay siege to Meereen and Danny finally comes home.

Episode 9: Battle of the Bastards

This is hands down the best episode of the season as we finally see Jon Snow face off against Ramsay Bolton! Jon’s initial plan falls to pieces when Ramsay murders Rickon right in front of him. Instead of sticking to his plan of drawing Ramsay out, Jon runs in, sword raised and his forces are sadly outnumbered. In what seems like the final moments, Lord Baelish and the knights of the Vale come to their aid. With Ramsay’s forces defeated Jon, Tormund, Wun Wun (the giant), and a few others storm the castle. Jon beats Ramsay to a pulp and ties him up to a chair near the dog cages. Later, Sansa releases said dogs and they eat his face off.

Over in Meereen, Danny is PISSED. To teach the Masters a lesson she uses her dragons to burn their fleet. As they watch helpless from the cliffs, Grey Worm slits two of their throats and leaves one alive. Later, Theon and Yara get an audience with the mother of dragons and offer her their ships and allegiance.

Episode 10: The Winds of Winter

This episode pretty much focuses on Cersei getting her revenge on the Tyrells and the Sparrows. Using the insane amount of dragon fire barrels placed in the underground of the city, Cersei sets off a chain reaction that blows the entire center of the city sky high.

The explosion not only vaporizes the High Sparrow and most of the Tyrells but a good majority of the King’s Landing population as well. Ultimately making Cersei the undisputed Queen. However, her plan doesn’t go completely according to plan. Tommin thinks that everyone he knows and loves was in that explosion, so seeing no reason to go on, he throws himself out one of the highest windows he can find, making the number of children Cersei still has living 0.

Back in the North, Sir Davos and Jon Snow confront Melisandre about Stannis burning his only daughter alive. She admits it was from her influence and she is exiled as a result. Jon is later proclaimed King of the North, mostly due to a moving speech by Lady Mormont.

Jaime visits Walder Frey and after he takes his leave, Walder comes to find out the delicious meat pie he has been eating is crammed full of pieces of his own sons. Arya reveals herself and shows him what he’s just ingested, then slits his throat.

Season 6 comes to a close with one last vision from Bran, but its a HUGE one. He brings us back to when Ned was young and the long standing theory that R+L=J is finally confirmed. Jon Snow is in fact half Targaryn!

That pretty much brings us up to speed on everything that has happened so far. We’re just HOURS away from the premiere of season 7! Winter is here.

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