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According to a tweet from Xbox vice president Mike Ybarra, a feature that’ll allow players to send a friend a game as a gift is currently in the works.

The ability to send someone a game as a gift online isn’t an unfamiliar feature, it’s a feature that’s been available on Steam for the longest time and now it looks like the Xbox One may be getting something similar.

In response to a tweet asking how far off are we from getting a gifting feature on Xbox One, Ybarra simply replied “Not far”.

Of course, details other than this answer are incredibly non-existent, all we can gather from this answer is that it’s a feature either being explored by Microsoft and the Xbox team, or it’s currently in the works and is set to arrive pretty soon.

Either way, this is fantastic news for players who wish to play games with their friends who don’t perhaps have the necessary funds, or for simply forcing someone to play a game with them saying “you have the game now, so you’ve got no excuse”, among other passive aggressive statements…

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