Spider-Man has a rich and detailed history since his humble beginnings back in the 1960s, though during this time, a lot has happened. So what five things should you know about the notorious web-slinger?

We’ve had three different Spider-man franchises since I’ve been alive and a fleet of animated series’ as well. Add in two live-action shows, a 70s American-produced TV show and a Japanese TV show, which in turn helped to inspire Super Sentai and Kamen Rider.

Don’t forget some video games like the well thought of PS2 game which adapted Spider-Man 2. With a new PS4 on the horizon, we may or may not have another classic on our hands.

But we can’t forget that Spider-man was a comic book character who at one point had three on going series’ running simultaneously. He even successfully launched the Ultimate Comics which served as a huge inspiration for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Now without further banter, here are five interesting things about Spider-man comics you might enjoy.

Revealing his Public Identity

Peter Parker and Tony Stark are getting on great in the movies right now as the genius Iron Avenger has taken Spider-man under his wing. This happened in the comics after Peter Parker signed up with the New Avengers, though things did not end so well.

When the Civil War kicked off, Tony convinced Peter to go on live TV and reveal his secret identity. This had a ton of negative consequences for Peter, involving J Jonah Jameson suing Peter for years of lying about those pictures of Spider-man.

Worst of all, Aunt May was shot by an assassin hired by Kingpin which leads to…

Making a Deal With the Devil

OK, not everyone calls him the devil, but Mephisto is essential Marvels P.C. version of the devil. Desperate to bring Aunt May back from near death, Peter makes a deal with him to bring her back to life at the cost of changing the timeline meaning him and Mary Jane Watson never got married and split up.

Serving as a retcon that introduced a nostalgic vibe for the Brand New Day era of Spider-man.

Implied that he’s a Reincarnated Spider-Person

In the early 2000s comics were struggling and sales were down. It was time for a shake up and writer J Michael Straczynski was tasked with breathing some new life into Spider-man. Introducing the sinister Ezekiel, Peter was lead to believe that maybe he was destined to become Spider-Man and he wasn’t the first either.

Add in a Spider-God and you had a story. Though Brand New Day scrapped this line of story telling completely.

The Clone Saga was a Creative Mess

The Clone Saga has never been looked on rather positively, with Marvel almost denying and berating the controversial story line.

The tale introduces a clone of Spider-man and with some soap opera inspired melodrama you have a story which almost killed the franchise. Behind the scenes, no one could agree what was going on with this story line.

Initially meant to go on for 6 months it lasted for years and is probably one of the big bad 90s comic book story lines.

He Made a Cloth Version of the Spider-Suit

Most people think the black suit it made out of the sinister goo known as Venom.

Though did you know Spider-man made a cloth version? He had one back in the 80s and donned it again during the Back in Black storyline. This was after his life got turned upside down after Aunt May was shot and ending up being on the run from SHIELD for refusing to register after Civil War.

Have we missed anything out? Why don’t you let us know in the comments!

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