The Power Rangers are back, keeping their domain on TV and attacking the big screen as well, though what do you know about their time in comics?

The movie is out now on DVD, Blu-Ray, On demand, but sadly not VHS, though why should we neglect the comics? Right now, Boom! Studios are publishing their fantastic line of Power Ranger comics.

The flagship series takes the Rangers on a journey outside of the strict writing format the show had with it’s recycled footage and marketing mandate. Go Go Power Rangers, which launched last week, re-tells the early days of the Power Rangers as rookie heroes.

Power Rangers Pink is hopefully the first in many spotlights series as we follow Pink Ranger Kim doing battle Goldar on her lonesome. Justice League/Power Rangers see two worlds collide to take down a threat of galactic proportions as the two superhero teams must defeat Brainiac the collect Worlds and Lord Zedd, the scourge of the Power Rangers.

Over the years the licence has flopped between places and can often dig up some rare gems. And a lot has happened throughout the years, so here are five things you may not know about the comic series.

A Power Rangers Multiverse Exists

It would seem according to a short story in the 2017 Power Rangers annual that a collection of parallel universes exists brimming with different versions of the Power Rangers. Ranging from Gender Reversed, inverted colour schemes, and a series of “what if?” scenarios.

The Original Live-action Rangers Exist in Another Universe

It turns out that during this short tale which involved Zack teaming up with his parallel counterparts he meets a version who resembles Zack from the original show.

Disney Wanted the Saban Power Ranger Franchises to Exists in Comics

Back in the early 2000s, Disney bought the rights to produce Power Rangers from Saban. An early idea was for the Power Ranger franchises Saban produced to exists as comics in the Disney created shows.

This was controversial and was forgotten. However, in early episodes Power Rangers Ninja Storm, Dustin the Yellow Ranger refers to these comics.

Zack was Offered the Chance to be Green Ranger before Tommy

In a shocking revelation by Boom! It would turn out, Black Ranger Zack was offered the chance to be the Green Ranger by Rita Repulsa.

Zack refused and Rita decided to recruit someone else from outside the team.

Image produced a Power Rangers Comic Book

What would a Power Rangers comic book look like in the 90s? Well, iconic 90s artists Rob Liefeld produced an issue of a Power Rangers Zeo Comic, and the ads in the comics promised a crossover with Image superhero team Youngblood and with other Saban show, Big Bad Beelteborgs.

Sadly the comic was left on a cliff hanger and was never resolved and the crossovers never saw the light of day.

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