Keystone Games has announced that their adaptive voxel-based first person shooter, Rogue Islands, is set to launch on September 12.

Rogue Islands is a new AAA title which adapts with the players skill level. Each time the player meets their end, the gameplay, enemy difficulty, and of course, the island itself changes to challenge the player. There are over 120 million possible ways the islands will design themselves each time the players die, so you can guarantee the game will remain pretty fresh.

The game is currently being developed by principal animator at Boiware, Kiaran Ritchie, and is being finished by five-time programmer of the year award winner, Jane Whittaker, with a team of AAA developers at Keystone Games. What’s more, a majority of the game’s sales will go towards helping disabled and terminally ill children.

In Rogue Islands players are tasked with surviving by finding food, fuel, and materials to craft spells which can be used to battle hordes of enemies. The game consists of seven different islands each of which are completely unique, with forests, caves, mountains, and more to explore.

However, while things may seem like a cakewalk to begin with, as the players skills rise the island adapts and changes to make things increasingly more challenging.

You can check out Rogue Islands in the trailer below:

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