1C and developer Destructive Creations have released our first look at their upcoming real-time strategy game, Ancestors.

This early look at Ancestors comes via the current PC build of the game played with a gamepad. While it’s still in development, we can already see that the game looks incredibly detailed as we shift focus between each unit.

Ancestors blends top-down strategic gameplay which many recognise from the RTS genre, with a more boots-on-the-ground perspective throwing players right into the midst of the fight allowing them to hear every clash of every weapon as their units battle their way to victory… or defeat.

The trailer also shows the insane amount of work Destructive Creations have put into motion capture to provide over 600 single combat animations. These actions respond to both the unit and the weapon its carrying, as well as what the opponent is using during the fight. This allows the action camera to provide some real thrilling and unique battles between units with no two battles playing out the same way.

What’s more, the game looks to be working incredibly well with a gamepad which leaves me hopeful for the game paving a path for RTS games on console.

Check out the new gameplay trailer below:

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