Vertigo Games and Jaywalkers Interactive have announced that PSVR players of their hit zombie title, Arizona Sunshine, will be receiving some free DLC.

Set to launch later in the summer, this free downloadable content will feature two new Horde maps set in the Old Mine and Undead Valley, locations which have players havinbg to trek through an old zombie-infested warehouse which used to be an underground casino, close to Vegas.

Before the launch of the new DLC however, players will now be able to download Update 1.02 which addresses feedback from players since its launch. These improvements include some changes to the game’s free-roam gameplay and room-scale roots.

  • Improvements to aiming down the sights with the PS VR aim controller
  • Co-op multiplayer support for two-handed mode
  • Chaperone system to prevent ‘floating’ due to lost tracking
  • Additional control scheme options to allow further playstyle customisation

It’s definitely great to see the developers making some welcome changes to the game and addressing some of the complaints from players. While the game stands well on PSVR, there were a number of issues players had with the control schemes and the jittery aim down sights controls.

The full patch notes for Arizona Sunshine’s 1.02 update can be found on the game’s changelog.

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