RPG Giants Bethesda could well be working on a Game Of Thrones title, if an unfinished page on Targets website is to be believed.

The page, first spotted by NeoGAF, has still not been removed at the time of writing, and while the page holds nothing overly special, just a header ‘Bethesda: Game of Thrones’ as well as the categorisation as a featured product, this could mark the leak of something rather special. There is however, nothing to suggest that this is a video game.

There are rumours that Bethesda has up to 5 titles in the works right now (aside from VR releases and Skyrim Switch) so it is plausible that Bethesda could well be working on a Game of Thrones title, I mean, they’ve already got dragons down after what seems like 4 million different versions of Skyrim, so they’re already halfway there.

This could of course, all be one big misunderstanding. But at the same time, its highly plausible, with Game of Thrones already getting a game from Telltale, this wouldn’t be the first time that Game of Thrones hit the gaming market.

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