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10 Big Changes Coming to Destiny 2



With the release of Destiny 2 just a couple weeks away, we here at n3rdabl3 decided to touch on the biggest and best improvements coming to Bungie’s highly anticipated sequel.

There’s going to be plenty of things to keep players occupied and many changes that’ll affect both new and returning players to the series, so without further ado, these are the 10 biggest changes coming to Destiny 2!

Side Quests and Dungeons

Bungie has listened to fans and critics and has learned their lesson from the first game. The inclusion of dungeons and side quests is something taken directly from other RPGs and it’s a smart move for them to make!

Full blown dungeons will be scattered throughout the worlds and include everything from mini bosses to tons of loot. Another smart move is the addition of side quests, known as ‘Adventures’ in game. These story driven, world specific quests will replace the Grimoire Cards from the first game. Now instead of going online and reading about the lore of the Destiny Universe, players will have the chance to build their understanding of the world around them through side-quests.

This is a huge addition to the upcoming sequel. I was one of the thousands that never took the time to look at the Grimoire Cards online in my spare time. Being able to learn the rich stories and culture of the worlds your in while you’re in them is a most welcome change.

Four New Worlds

Speaking of worlds, another addition to the Destiny Universe are the four new worlds players will be able to explore.

The European Dead Zone, or EDZ for short, will be the new hub site for Destiny 2 players. It is also two times the biggest area Bungie has ever built to date! This is the new “Earth” section of the game and the first players will be able to explore.

Titan, one of Saturn’s Moons is another new location. It is also where Zavala flees after the Guardians lose the Tower. The world is an ocean and players must navigate the treacherous waters by crossing man-made platforms.

Speaking of moons, IO is another new location to explore. This sulfuric moon of Jupiter is a crucial area to the Destiny 2 story. Rich with lore and full of mysteries surrounding the Traveler, the connection with IO and the light is very strong.

IO was the last place touched by the Traveler before he settled on Earth. The Warlock Vanguard, Ikora Rey is searching IO during Destiny 2 in search of answers regarding the secrets of the Traveler.

Nessus is a gorgeous planetoid being modified by the Vex. While the Vex have a strong hold on Nessus the vegetation and wildlife seem to be fighting back. This is also where the Inverted Spire Strike will take place and where Cayde 6, the Hunter Vanguard, is currently trapped.

New Social Hub

Going back to the EDZ, Destiny 2 will introduce a new social hub area called The Farm. This is the replacement to what the Tower was to players in Destiny and can host up to 26 players compared to Destiny’s cap of 16. The Farm is not only where you can upgrade and buy new armor and equipment, but where you can waste hours of time searching for secrets and playing soccer. Oh and it has chickens too.

No Need to go to Orbit!!

While going to Orbit in the first game was necessary if you wanted to get anywhere else, Destiny 2 lets players travel without that extra hassle.

Now, by just opening the in game map, players can select any other location and transport them there automatically! Hopefully this cuts out a majority of the loading screens.

New Crucible Modes

Numerous changes are coming to the Crucible. The most talked about being the fact that every mode will now be 4v4 making the stakes high and team work a necessity. To go along with these changes, the Crucible will add two new modes.

Survival is, like all other competitive matches in Destiny 2, a 4v4 team based match. Each team starts with a pool of 8 lives that they all share. Once the 8 lives are used up, every player killed after that gets permadeath for the rest of that match. The first team to force out all the opposing players earns a point for their team. First team to 3 points wins the round!

In Countdown, there are two “bomb sites”. There is a team of attackers and one of defenders. The attacking team needs to place the bomb at one of the two pre-determined sites. The defending team needs to stop this from happening. The attacking team needs to defend the bomb for about a minute after its planted, while the defending team needs to diffuse the bomb before the timer runs out. Hmm I’m getting some CoD Search and Destroy vibes here.

New Crucible Maps

With the two new modes, Bungie is also bringing 4 new maps to the sequel.

Endless Vale



Altar of Flame

Clans and Guided Games

One big issue with Destiny is the fact that almost HALF of it’s players missed out on the Strike missions due to a lack of matchmaking. Thankfully, Bungie listened and introduced Clans for Destiny 2.

Clans lets you assemble a group of up to a hundred players, meaning you won’t have to look far for familiar people to play with. On top of that, ‘Guided Games’ lets players that might not belong to a Clan, join in missions with Clans looking for an extra player or two on the fly.

This should hopefully allow everyone to access some of the greatest parts of what Destiny is!

New Weapon System

In Destiny, weapon classes were divided up into Primary, Secondary, and Heavy. Primary usually included auto rifles and revolvers; Secondary had shotguns and sniper rifles; and Heavy involved rocket launchers, large machine guns and eventually, swords.

In Destiny 2, the weapon system has been overhauled. Now weapon slots are categorised by kinetic, energy, and power. Kinetic weapons are still pretty much ‘primary’ weapons like auto rifles, hand cannons and the like. However, the energy slot includes ANY weapon with an elemental twist!

This means you could have a primary auto rifle and instantly switch to a hand cannon that has a void attribute to it. This makes for an interesting play with weapon combinations. You could blast away a foes shield with your auto rifle and then deliver some critical blows with your hand cannon without ever having to go to the menu screen.

New Subclasses

What would Destiny be without it’s badass classes and sub-classes? Destiny 2 builds on the foundation the original laid out. Titans now have access to the Sentinel class, whose Void Shield Sub-class lets any Titan pretty much turn into Captain America.

The Hunter ArcStrider subclass is the replacement to Destiny’s old Bladedancer class. It imbues the Hunter with an electrified staff that focuses on rapid mobility.

Finally the Warlock Dawnblade subclass is put in place of the Sunsinger. Daybreak launches you Warlock into the sky and lets you unleash a flurry of solar powered blades on your enemies.

On top of that, a new subclass, skill tree layout has been added. This lets players focus their guardian on specific perks and abilities! The original subclasses have been kept, but changes have been made to them as well.

New Story and Villian

One of Destiny’s major downfalls was it’s story, or lack there of. For anyone who played the Beta, it was immediately apparent that Bungie has put an incredible emphasis on it’s story this time around. From the first mission alone we were treated to more story than the entirety of Destiny’s base game.

The military leader of the Cabal and fearless leader of the Red Legion, Dominus Ghaul is Destiny 2’s big bad. From the start of the game he siphons your guardian’s light and sends everyone back to square one. Hopefully we see this emphasis carry through the entire sequel but we won’t have to wait long to find out.

Destiny 2 releases world wide September 6, 2017!!

What are you excited for? Tell us in the comments below!

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