Angry Mob Games has announced that its bringing its platform fighting game, Brawlout, to Nintendo Switch, along with a new guest character.

While Switch fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of a Smash Bros. game, Angry Mob Games are swooping in with a suitable alternative: Brawlout. Okay, so it’s not quite Mario and Peach going at it on the battlefield, but the Switch Release does come with Hyper Light Drifter!

That’s right, available right now in the Steam version of the game, Heart Machine Studios’ iconic character is playable in the game, sword and all.

“We love indie games; one of the first, and most iconic, characters that came to mind was Hyper Light Drifter,” says Bogdan Iliesiu, CEO of Angry Mob Games. “He fit into the Brawlout universe perfectly, as he is already built for the type of battle we see in the game. We collaborated closely with Heart Machine to make sure The Drifter remained true to the original, working in his iconic light sword and making his signature dash a character specific move. The Drifter brings a more technical style of combat to Brawlout, with tons of movement options and both defensive and offensive play, that we think he’s going to become a staple for those looking for a competitive edge.”

Brawlout is currently available on Steam with a whopping 50% off. The Nintendo Switch release on the other hand is set for this Holiday. Xbox One and PS4 releases are also on the cards.

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