Codemasters have recently stated that adding VR Support into F1 2017 would require some ‘fairly significant’ changes in a recent talk with, and despite new titles such as Project Cars 2 set for VR Support, the developer isn’t going to rush VR into F1 2017.

“As you know, Codemasters did VR for Dirt Rally and we’re certainly interested in doing it for Formula One” Creative Director Lee Mather told, but goes on to state:

“It’s a little trickier for us because we’re pushing the boundaries when it comes to our physics. We have a lot of elements on screen with the OSD, so that’s a lot of information the player would have to process in VR. The changes to move the game onto VR would be fairly significant, and we wouldn’t want to do it if it meant compromising any area of the game. That’s why we’re holding back on that at the moment, but it’s something we’re considering.”

I can certainly see their point here. In Dirt Rally, the game is much more stripped back in terms of information on screen. If it isn’t in the car, you’re not going to see it, making the transition into VR much more simple without having to move any on-screen information. F1 2017 provides the driver with a lot on information on screen, even in cockpit view. This would have to be represented through changeable menus on the wheel (not possible in every car) or through audio, which would involve the player asking for it. While hugely immersive, I can see that creating more issues than solutions.

F1 2017 is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Mac.

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