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Conan Exiles to Get New Expansion, Xbox One Release

The biggest content update for Conan Exiles yet!

Funcom has announced that the first expansion for Conan Exiles, titled The Frozen North, will launch on August 16 along with the game’s Xbox One release into Game Preview.

The update will be completely FREE and developer Funcom states it will make Conan Exiles 70 percent BIGGER! The Frozen North brings a new climate, religion, a new brewing crafting system, as well as bee keeping and cooking.

In a press release, creative director Joel Bylos noted that The Frozen North “brings with it significant improvements to core aspects of the game, such as combat, artificial intelligence and more.”

You can currently find the game on Steam Early Access. Conan Exiles, along with it’s new update, will release on August 16 for Xbox One and a full release will hit PlayStation 4 early next year.

Check out the dev trailer below!

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