Having released the first Cyrus 1 in the 1980s, it’s about time the high-end amp got brought into the 21st Century, and here it is, the Bluetooth enabled Cyrus One.

The Cyrus One amp is a premium one-stop-shop for all of your audio amplifying needs with a range of various inputs for all of your music platforms, whether it’s vinyl, CD’s, or digital output via your TV, or even via your smartphone using Bluetooth.

This amp is being described as a compact amplifier and at just 220mm wide, it’s incredibly rack-friendly. It’s a 100 watt-per-channel amp packed with a ton of features including a built-in phono stage.

It’s also being touted as incredibly easy to use as there are no displays or fiddly settings, just two large dials, one for mode selection, the other for volume. But it’s not just for high-end speakers either, the amp also has a built-in headphone amplifier which is activated whenever headphones are plugged into the quarter-inch input.

The Cyrus One is also packed with tons of technology to ensure the best audio performance, including automatic Speaker Impedance Detection (SID) which tests peakers and adjusts the amplifier to suit, among other things.

Simon Freethy, managing director of Cyrus Audio, says, “With more than 33 years of award-winning technological knowhow we are perfectly positioned to bring high end performance to the modern consumer. There are millions of consumers out there who want high quality Hi Fi without having to pass an initiation test to understand what they are buying. The Cyrus ONE delivers this, and is the first of many products we have planned to meet the needs of this growing audience.”

He continues, “Our design philosophy has always been to achieve the very best performance possible and then figure out how to make it affordable. And with Cyrus ONE, a product priced within the reach of many, we have the embodiment of that philosophy taken to a new level.”

The Cyrus One has a lot packed in one complete package at a relatively “affordable” price for the tech inside. The Cyrus One currently retails at around £700. You can find more info about the amp on the Cyrus Audio website.

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