Activision is reminding PC players once more that they can jump into the Destiny 2’s Open Beta later this month with a glorious 4K trailer.

Beginning August 28 for those who have pre-ordered or August 29 for everyone else, PC players will finally be able to experience Destiny in all its glory. The PC beta will feature a number of improvements over the console beta from improved matchmaking, a longer Mercy rule timer for Crucible matches, and reduced Super charge time.

And yes, there’ll be increased Power Ammo drops.

Nvidia has also chimed in on the beta saying that beta players will also be able to experience the game’s beta in 4K with uncapped framerates, and adjustable graphics settings. There is of course full keyboard and mouse support, and 21:9 monitor support. Lovely.

As for content, PC beta players will be able to dive into Destiny 2‘s opening campaign story mission titled Homecoming, as well as a co-op Striked named Inverted Spire. The games 4v4 Crucible will also be playable that’ll include two different maps including the Javelin-4 map, an exclusive for the PC beta.

Check out the trailer below:

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Developer Bungie has also confirmed this week that Destiny 2 will not be arriving on Steam, despite ‘Silver’, the currency from Destiny 1, appearing on Steam earlier this week. This was apparently an error and refunds are being issued, and the developer said that Destiny 2 would not be coming to Steam. They didn’t however deny that the first game would be coming to Steam…


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