DONTNOD is back with another narrative adventure, this time with Dragon Ball FighterZ publisher, Bandai Namco.

According to MCV, who revealed the news this morning, the two companies have come together to create a new IP, a narrative adventure which we presume is similar to Life is Strange.

Details are pretty thin, but what we do know is that the game will be set within a fictional city in the US and will involve a lot of investigation from the player. The game has been in development for about a year now, and won’t be fully announced until 2018.

“We want [new IPs] to make up 50 per cent of our business, and we’re achieving this by developing long-term partnerships with a few studio,” said VP of marketing and digital at Namco, Hervé Hoerdt. “The first visible part of this was Little Nightmares, and we’ve been extremely happy [with it], but this is only the start of something. We also recently released Get Even, and now we’re very happy to partner with Dontnod.”

In addition to the snippet of information, we also have concept art which you can see above. The game is currently being worked on by a team separate from those working on Life is Strange 2.

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