Epic Tavern, the tavern management simulator from Hyperkinetic Studios, is set to start bringing high fantasy RPG storytelling by the pint to Steam early access, September 7.

Blending together classic role-playing, roster management, and social simulation, Epic Tavern will have players managing a legendary tavern, where they will serve drinks, recruit adventurous patrons, and send brave parties on epic quests.

The announcement trailer features gameplay covering the games core mechanics, including a roll system, indicating that combat and actions of the players adventurers will be dictated by a dice roll. The trailer also shows us the games UI, which looks to be clean and stylised, adhering to the fantasy theme.

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Epic Tavern is sure to bring a new twist to fantasy role-play, and is sure to give ‘every great adventure begins in a tavern’ a whole new meaning. Hitting Early Access September 7, we’ll be sure to drop in for a pint after our epic quest.

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