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F1 2017 Gets a New Career Trailer


Codemasters have released a new trailer for F1 2017 highlighting the games career mode.

F1 2017 has massively expanded its Career Mode. It will introduce invitational events at key points during the regular F1 season, where you will get to drive 12 classic F1 cars at a host of different events including overtake challenges, pursuit events, checkpoint, and time attack challenges. The classic cars are also playable in all other areas of the game, and can be raced as both single and multi-class.

Given that “Career Mode” is an area of the game where most players spend a majority of their time, Codemasters have enhanced things yet again.

There are more than four times as many R&D options available in the career, compared to last year, meaning 115 individual upgrades are possible.

The rate of progress has been slowed down as well. Meaning it will take longer and be harder for players to take a team from the back of the grid to the front.

It will also be possible for upgrades to “fail”, which means progress isn’t always a sure thing when new parts come in from the factory.

Every feature can be influenced by the player however. Making quick decisions to increase the production of updates can mean getting more parts faster, but it also means a higher chance of these parts failing. OR you can take a slower approach to development and have a more consistent rate of reliable parts come through.

Managing car components has also been updated to better reflect the “real world”. Players will need to manage every aspect that makes up an F1 power unit, as well as gearboxes. Grid penalties will be issued if the season’s allocations are exceeded.

“The career mode was a big hit last year and we are building on those incredibly strong foundations to create an even deeper, more rounded experience for F1 2017.” said Codemasters F1 creative director Lee Mather.

“We have added female driver avatars, new paddock locations and a new character as well as greatly increasing the scope for developing your team and car. All of this, we feel, combined with the addition of the iconic classic cars this year, means that F1 2017 offers gamers the ultimate F1 experience yet.”

F1 2017 also features four alternative track layouts at Silverstone, Sakhir, Austin and Suzuka, and the option to race around the streets of Monaco at night.

Check out the trailer below!

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