Nigthwing, the sidekick of Batman who went and did good. The orphan acrobat went from sidekick to hero in his own right and his 70+ years of existence have been quite interesting.

Nightwing’s (also known as Dick Grayson) last real big screen role was in the infamous Batman and Robin movie of 1997, the movie which killed the franchise during the 90s. Of course, the comic book movie rumour mill has always had one or two things floating around, that one day the original Boy Wonder will return to the big screen.

So just in case he does make an appearance, here are five things that you should know that you could use to impress your Bat-friends.

He’s been Batman a couple of times

Dick Grayson like most the Batman sidekicks are determined to not become exactly like their mentor, Batman. Dick’s reasoning is how cold and unforgiving Batman can be and is determined to step out of his shadow.

Though fate has intervened and Grayson has had to don the cape and cowl to fill in for Bruce Wayne. The first being in the aftermath of the Knightfall storyline where Bruce Wayne was severely injured from a battle with Bane.

The other being when Batman ‘died’ and Grayson had to become Batman until Bruce Wayne came back from the dead.

He became a spy

I think a lot of the New 52 will be forgotten, mostly because DC are keen to start with an almost blank slate after dismal sales number for the re-launch.

One fun thing was how Dick Grayson became a spy after he had his identity publically revealed.

Imagine Batman style antics mixed with a Bourne movie.

He’s on his fourth costume

Most argue the first costume a hero wears tends to be the best, like Spider-man for example.

Though it took three tries for Grayson to find his current iconic blue and black jumpsuit after parading around in very 70s inspired get up that showed off his chest and one to accommodate his pony tail.

Though he switched to angry red and black during the New 52, he’s back to his best look.

It turned out he was the Dick Grayson in The Teen Titans TV show

The early 2000s Teen Titans anime inspired show is considered a cult classic. In my opinion, this was because it never explicitly stated continuity. One big example of this was how Robin never had his identity revealed.

Always being heavily implied as Grayson it was cleared up in on the tie-in Teen Titan comics for the show.

The reason he originally wore no trousers

Robin’s first look was a child in a tunic with trousers… Why? because it was more flexible for him.

Revealed in the Nightwing Year One storyline, Grayson reminisces to his early days as a hero and how Batman insisted he should wear something more protective, Grayson stood his ground and wanted to wear the pixie boots and short shorts to help with his acrobatic fighting style.

So that’s the list, did we miss any out? Let us know in the comments below!

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