Epic Games has revealed that the upcomingSurvive the Storm update for their co-op zombie survival game, Fortnite, will be delayed slightly.

The new update brings with it a brand new Survive the Storm mode in which players face-off against special Mutant Storms, there’ll be new challenges and rewards, new weapons, new heroes, and much more!

The new Survive the Storm mode will have players gathering resources and building their forts throughout the day ahead of waves of increasingly more difficult zombies come at night. What’s more, Mutant Storms will bring modifiers such as Enraged Husks or Limited Health. Defeating these Storms will offer unique rewards to players.

As for weaponry, a brand new Hydraulic Weapon Set that includes nine high-impact weapons have been added to the game which can only be acquired by earning tickets as you complete mutant storms.

Interestingly it looks like Survive the Storm is a limited event happening in the game so players must dive in soon before the storm passes and they miss out on some of that exclusive loot.

As for when it’ll be available, over on the game’s forums and on the official Twitter account, it seems like we may be waiting at least another couple of days, so expect the update to land on either August 30/31.

A brand new trailer for the update has also been released which you can see below. Oh and check out the new artwork for the Canny Storm Shield Homebase above.

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Survive the Storm is the first big update for Fortnite since its launch into paid Early Access last month.

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