Developer Clapfoot has announced that their brand new world war action game, Foxhole, has entered Early Access on Steam.

What would you get if you blended top-down shooting with the strategy of a Company of Heroes game, as well as the grand persistent-scale nature of an MMO like PlanetSide 2? Well, you’d get Foxhole, a brand new strategic action shooter MMO where every soldier is a player.

In Foxhole, players take part in an alternate timeline of the great wars in a huge expansive world war where each battle plays a part in the overall outcome of the war. Players are required to work together to build defences or create a successful offensive.

“Foxhole requires players to plan and work together in ways never before seen in an online war game,” said Mark Ng, co-founder of Clapfoot. “Running supply lines, cutting off enemy logistics, and building out radio networks for communication are just as important as combat. Every soldier is a player in Foxhole so the narrative of the war is completely user driven.”

With players having control over every element of war, from weapon production to base building, strategy, and combat, Foxhole looks to be an incredibly interesting, yet slightly ambitious new MMO.

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Foxhole is available on Steam in Early Access for $19.99.

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