This is something that Game of Thrones fans will be talking about for a long time.

Personally it is one of, if not the best episodes this series has ever done! Obviously…


One of the greatest things about this show is giving us payoffs like we saw tonight. Pieces have been moving into place for SIX seasons now, and we are finally being treated to some of these “spoils of war” if you will. We finally get to see Danny and Drogon burninating the countryside of Westeros and holy shit was it glorious! I’m still reeling from what I just saw.

Aside from this episode giving long time fans some welcome payoffs, it was hands down any n3rds/fan boys wet-dream. Dany finally gets a win, and we get to see some (kind of) villains shit their pants in the presence of Drogon. The look on their faces when they realized dragons are very real was beautiful. And Drogon, well done sir, you did not disappoint.

So many emotions occur during the last 25-ish minutes of this episode. From hoping some sometimes bad guys, sometimes not don’t get melted, to hoping they get whats coming to them as long as Dany or, ESPECIALLY, Drogon doesn’t take a metal pike to the face. The shear size and presence that Drogon demands on screen is enough to give you chills, and its a spectacle to behold.

Lastly, the Dothraki can fight! Initially I was a bit concerned because of their lack of armor, but they showed their prowess on the battlefield as well. Brute force and skills dominated the countryside on the road to King’s Landing, and the Lanister/ Turly forces get a strong backhanded reality check. Also, what the hell is going to happen to Jaime and Bronn?? We know it’s safe to assume they aren’t dead, YET. Both characters are far to crucial to be killed off screen but what exactly will happen to them? Will Dany show them mercy? Will Drogon get a couple treats for being a good dragon? Did they maybe even escape?!

Anyways, speaking of fights, how about that awesome “training session” between Brienne and Arya?! That was a clever way to get our blood pumping before the big battle. Not to mention, we haven’t really had the chance to see exactly how good of a swords-woman Arya is. Impressive, to say the least. I think Sansa might be jealous. Bran can see the future, Arya is a master assassin, and Jon Snow is a zombie, and then theres Sansa… Regardless, it was great to see that Arya had put her assassination tour on hold to meet up with her family. Jon will certainly be happy to see her once he gets back up North I’m sure.

Speaking of our favorite Stark brought back to life; Jon and Dany finally had a bonding moment. Dany dropped some serious wisdom on Jon and by the end of their exchange I was ready to bend the knee for her as well. Jon got his dragon glass and his assistance from Dany in the war to come against the White Walkers. Dany, I’m pretty sure, will get Jon’s help as well. What made things even more interesting is Dany sought Jon’s wisdom and advice when it came to retaliating against Cersei for her actions against her allies. In the end I think Dany made a brilliant strategic move. Yes the Tyrell gold made it to King’s Landing, BUT at the price of pretty much the entire Turly army. Cersei paid of the bank but maybe lost a brother. What will hurt her more is the loss of one of her very few allies.

Part of what made this episode so great was that it chose to focus on a few key players and events. We didn’t see much of anyone but Jon, Arya, Dany, and Jaime and thats completely OK. Quick shout out to the writers of this show too. The writing is just so damn good! Every sentence pulls you in further and further.

In the end, this episode will go down in television history. Its as simple as that. What HBO pulled off here was the culmination of years of build up and stage setting, that ended in one hell of a pay-off. As a fan, I don’t believe I’ve ever been more satisfied with a show.

With that being said, hopefully next week we get to see what the other characters have been up to. My money is on us getting some serious screen time with the White Walkers, but who knows?!

Until next time n3rds!

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