HOLY SHIT that episode was a butt clencher.

While a majority of this finale was soaked with dialogue, it was dialogue that was wonderfully written and executed. From the very second the episode began things begin moving at a steady pace. The three great super powers finally come together for a talk about the fate of Westeros. Tensions run high and the Hound almost kills his older brother.

Whats more important is we see Cersei show an unfamiliar emotion… fear. Fear of the undead, fear of what lurks beyond the wall, fear of her childhood stories becoming a reality. This then sets the tone for the rest of the meeting. Whats surprising is her quick agreement to the cause. We’ve been watching this vile woman for a full SEVEN seasons now. We know what she is capable of, we know what she can do and what she has done. This isn’t someone who just agrees with her enemies so quickly, if at all. This woman eradicates ANYONE that stands in her way, so it came as a surprise to most I’m sure when she so willingly agreed to a truce. Obviously, later we see she has not changed and is planning on bringing the Gold Company to Westeros. 20,000 sellswords, thanks to Euron’s fleet, will be taking on whatever is left from the battle in the North.

Staying on Cersei for a moment longer, we also see her show emotion towards Tyrion. The Imp she loathes, gets his life spared, after choosing a very risky call on her bluff. The other brother, Jaime was almost as lucky. While yes he called her bluff on murdering her family, he obviously isn’t welcome in the capital any longer.

Jon and Dany bang, finally.

More importantly, Bran reveals/ confirms a long running fan theory. Jon Snow is in fact the rightful heir to the Iron Throne and that changes everything. Dany is kind of sleeping with the “enemy”. When the dust settles and if they’re both still here, one of them will be on that throne, the other will not. How they handle that transition will be what matters.

Whats even MORE important is that Petyr Fucking Baelish finally had his throat cut!! After years of plotting and backstabbing Arya takes care of the snake. It was such a surprising, bittersweet moment to see the man who could potentially be blamed for everything if not a majority of what has transpired in the last seven years be reduced to a weak, blubbering man. Sansa took every bit of his advice, just not in the way he wanted her too. “The lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.” 

It was also comforting to see that Bran is still human after all. It would have been much harder to accuse Baelish of his crimes if Bran hadn’t seen the past and present of everything he has done. We were hinted towards that in a previous episode when Bran tells Baelish, “Chaos is a ladder.” Letting Baelish know that he was aware of what Littlefinger has done. The last of the Starks unite and make amends and it is beautiful.

Sadly, we did not get to see the Hound and the Mountain square off. The was a long-awaited fight that we are going to need to wait a little longer to see. It’s insane to think that there are only 7-8 episodes left. It feels like there is still so much to be done!

While the most action packed moment closed out the last 5 minutes of the episode it was a HUGE moment! Eastwatch has fallen and the White Walkers are South of the wall. Whats more worrisome is that we don’t know what happened to Tormund and Beric! They both better still be alive.

This season has been a momentous one. A ton of characters have finally met, a LOT of story arcs have finally come to a close. Sadly we have to wait a year or two to see this incredible series come to a close. This has hands down been one of the best seasons yet, I look forward to seeing how Game of Thrones will top this one.

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