News is spreading across the interwebs that Gearbox Software are ready to spill the beans on their newest IP – allegedly a first person shooter with elements of all that card game meta we’ve all come to love – currently named Project 1v1.

Details are sparse at the moment, with a quick scan of the Project 1v1 website giving nothing but a few background screenshots and a quick rundown of the three modes that will be available: Ranked, Challenge and Arena.

Going from the background images on the 1v1 website, it would seem that the game will skew towards the sci-fi end of the spectrum, with a futuristic city depicted at the top – super futuristic pagodas and all.

The website also teases a closed technical test taking place some time this summer, with this website the gateway you should use if you want to sign up!

More information as and when we get it, folks!

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