The crazy and insane phenomenon that is Pokemon Go might very well be getting a Gen 3!

While the improvements and expansions that Pokemon Gen 2 offered were pretty extensive, multiple hints through dataminers and fans seem to be pointing at an all new Gen 3, which will be adding even more Pokemon for players to catch.

A closer and deeper look into the newest version of the app has revealed over a hundred new Pokemon being prepared for the game and while they’re not fully developed yet, it’s a pretty promising hint that this third Generation is coming sometime soon. While the update also fixed some other buggy issues, data mining also resulted in fans discovering a new and improved Super Incubator in the APK code.

Judging by Pokemon GO’s last Gen update, maybe we’ll be getting our hands on the brand new Pokemon by the end of the year? While it’s mostly theorizing and datamining right now, players are speculating that we might see this new Gen coming as soon as the holidays.

What do you think about this newest update in the Pokemon Go craze? Are you still playing? Let us know in the comments down below!

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