With the launch of the new GTA Online update Smuggler’s Run players get to join Ron, everyone favourite conspiracy theorist, in running a high stakes smuggling operation. It all seems fun and games until you realise you’re making peanuts.

Rockstar deserve praise for supporting a title as long after release as they have been with GTA Online, even if they are raking it in through Shark Card sales (they’re probably sat in a bath of money laughing as they read this). And this update is certainly going to lead to a few more sales from anyone after one of the multiple new planes and cars added into the game, who doesn’t have the time to sit and grind out the money. And that’s where the issue truly lies with this update.

With past updates, there has always been expensive content, but with that, has always come a legitimately useable way to generate income, most notably the Businesses that came with the Bikers update, the vehicle cargo from Import/Export (which to this day remains one of the most effective ways to make money), or the bunkers added in the previous update Gun-Running. All of these work nicely in combination, with the bunker and businesses ticking over while you collect and sell vehicle cargo, alongside that rare time you get invited into a lobby for Pacific Standard and the people actually have a clue what they’re doing. However this update seems to go back to the old school, with crate collections. Which doesn’t sound too bad, right? Well there’s a couple of fatal flaws that are set to make this obsolete.

First of all, gone is getting 2-3 crates on your lonesome. One crate per player. So if you’ve got 3-4 friends who play, good for you go have fun! If however you’re like me and cuddle yourself to sleep at night in crippling loneliness, then you’re gonna be a little crapped out. The missions are fun, I’m not going to deny that. Until you die, then proceed to get demolished by infinitely spawning buzzards until the timer runs out, leaving you pulling your controller out of your TV screen. When you get your lone crate home. You see its worth GTA$10,000, and that you could have run 2 vehicles in that time. While there is a point at which you get a bonus for delivering multiples of one stock, I’ve yet to find this, currently sat with 10 units of chemicals.

Of course, the true extent of how effective this method is at making money is yet to be revealed, it’s going to take a few days for the GTA Online hardcore to really find out what makes this update tick. But as of right now, I’m a little underwhelmed. That is not to say this update isn’t worth it. If like me, you’ve accumulated a few Pegasus planes over the years, and have always wanted somewhere to store them, then you’re in luck! You can store all of these in your Hangar, including that Titan you brought thinking it was brilliant until one little jet blew you out of the sky.

As for the content of the update, it looks fantastic. The variety of planes and helicopters is brilliant, and while expensive, they do seem to serve a purpose, and thanks to the missions from Ron, you can try almost all of them out, making them somewhat worthwhile at this point.

Not to mention that content that will be dripped down to us over the coming weeks. There’s even a new team-based battle royale style adversary mode, Motor Wars. Playing to the PUBG crowd a bit there Rockstar?

GTA Online: Smuggler’s Run is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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