Daybreak Game Company has announced that H1Z1: Just Survive, the survival part of the franchise, will be ditching the H1Z1 moniker and will become, Just Survive.

H1Z1 is making some drastic changes once again following the game splitting into two distinctly different titles back in 2016. First there was the Battle Royale-focused game, H1Z1: King of the Kill, then there was the survival game, H1Z1: Just Survive. Apparently, according to a narrative shift, H1Z1: Just Survive will be ditching the H1Z1 name.

“A new narrative has been established, separating Just Survive from the H1Z1 universe. Just Survive’s rebranding and content update represents the development team’s evolved vision for the game and lays the foundation for future updates in the months to come,” Daybreak said in a press release.

Oddly, this means that the only game with the H1Z1 title, will be the game that’s completely void of zombies – what we thought was the whole point of the H1Z1 narrative. Though I guess we were wrong.

Anyway, Just Survive, as it’s now known, will be receiving a “completely new world map” called Badwater Canyon, which is currently being rolled out. This new map will also feature a new player housing system titled Stronghold that’ll allow players to build unique structures complete with fortifications to fend off oncoming attacks.

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