Hoplon have announced that a brand new arena is now available in Heavy Metal Machines, mixing things up a little bit.

For a while now, players have become familiar with the arenas in Heavy Metal Machines, so Hoplon have decided to throw a spanner into the works and have introduced a new arena into the game, The Temple of Sacrifice.

This new arena has teams starting side-by-side rather than on opposing ends of the arena, as they race to grab the bomb and deliver it to opposing ends. In addition, the map is also T-shaped, allowing players to “sacrifice” enemies, hence the name.

The update also comes with a few changes including the removal of the physical blockers from the circuit, making it a little easier for new players. Other new features include pushing enemies into the crusher to eliminate them from the map for a second, as well as overall changes such as a cleaner menu, a “Kill Feed” which shows last kills in the top right of the screen, and gameplay balances.

Check out the new arena, The Temple of Sacrifice, below:

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Heavy Metal Machines is a free-to-play MOBA-type game currently available on Steam.

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