Io-Interactive have detailed content coming to Hitman this August, including new Contracts, Challenge Packs, and more.

Following the turbulent and unsure future of Hitman following Square Enix ending its partnership with developer Io-Interactive, things are looking back on track as the game is about to get some hefty content this month.

Hitman’s August update will begin rolling out on August 11 in the form of 10 player-created Featured Contracts. Io-Interactive has chosen these Contracts based on “variety of locations, varying numbers of targets, inventive storytelling, and anything else that we think is interesting.”

In addition, a new Challenge Pack will launch called The Art of Revenge. This Challenge Pack will add five new challenges to the Hokkaido map and will offer higher Location Mastery compared to regular Challenges. Completing all five of these challenges will award players with a unique item.

Io-Interactive plans to release more details on this in the near future.

In addition, more content is on the way which comes in the form of a player-curated collection of Featured Contracts. This month’s curated content will be picked by Brazilian Twitch streamer Mendietinha, which according to the developers, these picks will “give insight into how some of the prominent members of the Hitman community play the game.”

Right now there’s no word on when that content will arrive.

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