While Keystone are currently hard at work preparing their adaptive adventure game, Rogue Islands, for launch, the company have plenty of other titles up their sleeves, one of which is Homicide Detective which is also due out later this year.

The next game from AAA publisher Keystone is Homicide Detective a full 3D open world detective game where players can explore accurate recreations of several iconic locations from around the world which have been turned into crime scenes. These locations include Time Square, the Egyptian Pyramids, and the African Serengeti, among others.

Speaking with Keystone CTO Jane Whittaker, we heard a little more about the game as well as who’s involved in the project.

Whittaker explained that each of these crime scenes have been designed in collaboration with members of several crime prevention agencies across the world including the head of the UK Special Branch, the head of the UK Counter Terror Command, as well as the FBI and USA Navy Seals, the first time this has ever been done in a video game.

In Homicide Detective players will be able to explore and interact with the scene, talk to witnesses, other officers, criminals, as well as heading back to the crime lab to test evidence using faithfully recreated forensic apparatus. Players will also get to be involved in chases, which sounds interesting.

“The ethos for Homicide Detective is simple, we wanted to blur the genres of open world and investigative game and add tons of fun. We mixed real police procedures with a healthy dose of James Bond and Mission Impossible as you take on the role of Jack Steel, hero detective,” said Whittaker. “I have worked on many open world and strategy games over the years and have always loved the action genre. Homicide Detective has allowed me to bring all those interests together in a glorious fusion. It was incredible for the whole development team to work directly with real murder detectives and special forces to create these crimes. The dev team didn’t create these murders, the detectives did! That’s what makes Homicide Detective so special.”

Whittaker also revealed that the game has an all-star cast attached too, with Harry Potter star Sir Kenneth Branagh voicing the game’s lead detective. And among the 23 other major movie stars are: Warwick Davis (Star Wars, Harry Potter), Katie Leung (Harry Potter), James Callis (Battlestar Galactica), Becky Wright (Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Mission Impossible), and Andi Hodgetts (The Walking Dead).

Homicide Detective is currently set to launch in Q4 2017.

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