Have you ever felt like playing a game that does a bit of everything? Well indie developer SnapperTheTwig, who are from Australia, created a game that does just that with their game Voxel Turf.

This game is a perfect mix of Minecraft crafting, The Sims building and GTA’s mischief. The premise is ingeniously simple: build your city from scratch, manage it and then choose whether you expand on it or destroy it.

Voxel Turf was imagined by a group of friends hanging around in a shed one day when they started debating about what would make the “perfect game”. Now, it’s nearly release day (September 14,) and will soon be ready to buy over on Steam.

These days, massive open-worlds with gorgeous graphics have taken over but Voxel Turf takes a different approach to the open-ended game play that people crave these days without sacrificing much. The block-based city builder game comes with endless possibilities and a simple/ minimalist art style, offering a ton of different ways to go about playing.

When you open up the game, you’re invited to build your own town with hundreds of customisation options that are a really reminiscent of the building menus in The Sims series. Just as an example, there are over 15,000 types of blocks in over 100 categories! If you’re not happen with the pattern or colour of something, you can always decorate blocks with paint and decals, furthering the uniqueness of your city.

There are over 40 missions to give you some direction if that’s the sort of game play that you’re looking for. The missions are also great if you’ve had your fun exploring the other features (like multiplayer!?) and want something to do. Have you ever ran into the problem during your run through of an epic open world and suddenly you’re so bored with it that you start looking up videos like ‘Things to do in Fallout 4?’ Well that won’t be a problem in Voxel Turf since there’s always something to do!

Besides having the different missions to choose from, the game also offers extensive free-play, allowing you to invite friends over and partake in an epic fight, using the town for cover and to your advantage. Or, you could always fly it solo and wreak havoc on your own of course! Do this with an array of weapons like guns and melee and choose whether to travel on foot or a car, a tank or even a helicopter!

Whatever course you do decide to take, Voxel Turf is a game that also promises easy moddability (using LUA script). In the future, this could be a game that grows even more, going beyond the base game.

In short, Voxel Turf is a game that, while already offering a lot, challenges its players to take it event farther. Coming out in just under two works, Voxel Turf will go for 7.99$ (USD) on Steam and be available on PC and Linux!

What do you think of this fresh take on all the most popular genres? Let us know in the comments down below and don’t forget to check out the trailer!

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