Earlier this year Digital Extremes announced their new shooter, Keystone, and following some closed beta tests, the game has now become The Amazing Eternals.

This week, Warframe publisher Digital Extremes announced that their upcoming free-to-play shooter, codename Keystone, would now become The Amazing Eternals. In addition, the publisher has revealed the Founders Program which will launch on August 29.

The Founders Program is the same community-driven model which helped Warframe become a success, and will reward players with direct development team collaboration, as well as exclusive gear, instant access to the Closed Beta, among other things.

Players can also sign up for free to join The Amazing Eternals Closed Beta.

The Amazing Eternals is an upcoming free-to-play game which blends fast-paced first person shooting, with deck building, and 1970s retro-pulp visuals. Players will be transported into an amazing multiverse which begins on the starting square of a board game.

During the game, players will use decks of cards throughout the match which offer benefits, powers, and weaponry. However timing is key here, as using something too early or late could cost you the match.

Check out the game’s latest trailer below:

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