David Tennant is to reprise his role as Killgrave in the upcoming second season of Marvel and Netflix’s Jessica Jones, according to Entertainment Weekly, and set photos seem to reveal in what capacity.

Now, when the news first broke, many were confused how he would be making a return exactly, especially following the events of Jessica Jones‘ first season. Without going into too much detail, let’s just say that he took a General Zod-like exit from the show.

Now, it looks like he’s making a return, but not as we know it. Set photos have now surfaced to suggest that Killgrave will be returning as more of a devil on the shoulder of those he previously had run-ins with while he was alive.

Jessica is one of those people, of course, but as is her room mate, Malcom. While it looks like Jones is taking it in her stride, Malcom is having a much more difficult time to ignore it.

We don’t know a lot about Season Two just yet, but we’re pretty damn excited for it. Check out those set photos below:

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