It must take an awful lot to scare a Kingsman agent, so what does the Golden Circle have in-store for the planet? I doubt it’s any good, that’s for sure…

Kingsman: The Golden Circle is the follow-up to the pleasingly successfully Kingsman: The Secret Service of 2015. A mash-up of tropes from James Bond which came from the mind of Mark Millar, the guy behind Kick-Ass and Wanted.

Like most of Millar’s work, Kingsman went through a lot of changes but somehow managed to keep the spirit and tonnes of the original comic work. The Golden Circle is a bold new step for Millar’s work since Kingsman never had a follow-up comic to adapt. Though I doubt anyone will notice with likes of Channing Tatum and Jeff Bridges on hand.

This time around, our hero Eggsy finds himself coming together with American spy organisation, The Stateman. And now we have a teaser trailer for the movie which leads us to believe that the eclipse is just a massive marketing tool for the movie.

Pat on the back for the marketing team that noticed an eclipse is going to happen in America.

Check it out:

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