Fighting games are making a splash once again as games such as Street Fighter V and Injustice 2 have revived this classic arcade genre. But think about it, those are two really different kinds of fiction: Big muscly dudes who know Karate throwing energy blasts at each other, and dudes in tights and capes throwing energy blasts at each other.

Oops, I think I might have KO’d my own point with that last paragraph. I guess what I was trying to say is how easily superheroes translate in fighting games, starting with the X-men back in era of 2D graphics and all the way up to 2017 with Marvel vs Capcom.

Though to counter my defeat, compare something like the Naruto Ninja Storm series to something like Mortal Kombat. I personally believe it comes down to three different elements that make a fighting game great in this current era of gaming.

Using these three points, I’m going to explain to you why I think the Legion of Superheroes would make a great fighting game franchise.

Who are the Legion of Superheroes? They are DC characters, teen superheroes from the 31st century inspired by the legend of Superman. Over the years they’ve fallen victim to many different retcons and are currently due another re-launch in the Rebirth era of DC.

So without further ado, here’s how the Legion of Superheroes works in the big three components of a good fighting game.

The Big Cast – The Legion is huge since they recruit from all over the galaxy forming a peace keeping superhero force which is probably as big as the X-men to keep the galaxy safe.

Tons of Move Sets – From Karate Kid (no not the one from 80s) a master martial art to Bouncing Boy, a kid who can turn his body into a bouncing ball. You’ll be spoiled for choice with all the weird and wonderful power sets the Legion has to offer.

A few that spring to mind are the ability to eat matter, magnetism, turning into stone and even shape-shifting. Enough for a few DLC releases at least.

Loads of Awesome Stages – Since The Legion spend most of their time travelling the galaxy to all kinds of weird planets, space stations and even back in time. You could possibly never get a dull stage.

So there you have it, three simple, yet ideal points for DC and probably Warner Bros, to create a Legion of Superheroes video game. Have I missed an obvious one? Why not let us know in the comments!

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