Christmas is now officially the second best thing about December as the galaxy from far away has taken over as the Hothiest month of the year.

Do you know what one of my favourite PlayStation 2 games is? It’s got to be the first LEGO Star Wars game. Switching seamlessly between Jedis to Gungans and Droids, the fun seemed endless with that game.

The vehicle levels may not have been great but the lightsaber duels were certainly something to write home about. That’s why I got so hyped about LEGO Star Wars posters turning some of the main characters into LEGO figures.

Red maybe the be sinister shade of the villainous Sith, but it does look great on all of the characters here. Though they didn’t give us much insight into what was in store for the upcoming movie, they do look great.

I’m sure every film geek and LEGO nerd would happily hang it on their wall.

December 15 is the date of the Episode 8, may the force be with you when you see it! Let’s also hope for a Hoth Christmas and hopefully not another Light Day.

But until then, check out the posters below!

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