As the release date for the new Life is Strange game draws closer and closer, fans are eating up whatever new promo gets revealed and this new trailer shown at Gamescom is no exception.

This new launch trailer sheds more light on the tight bond between Chloe and Rachel, showing both the highs and lows in their friendship.

“Don’t be surprised if one day I’m just gone.” Rachel says at one point in the trailer, hitting any fan of the original game hard. Throughout the trailer, you see old characters make a return to the game like Nathan and Frank. We also get to return to locations like the junkyard and Blackwell!

I don’t know about you but I’m pretty hyped for this new chapter in Life is Strange! With the changes in studio and voice acting, I admit I was a bit unsure when the game was announced… but I find myself getting more and more on board with every trailer!

Fans are also being offered a pretty sweet Deluxe deal, which includes a bonus episode featuring Max and Chloe, the “mixtape” feature, and an exclusive outfit pack for Chloe.

Anyone tempted yet? Because they definitely had me at “bonus episode”.

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