PlayFusion has announced that their augmented (AR) card / toys to life game, Lightseekers, has launched at retail here in the UK.

Many may think that the Toys to Life genre has had its day following the demise of Disney Infinity and a number of other titles, but it looks like a new wave is coming what with Ubisoft’s Starlink: Battle for Atlas in the works, and now the launch of Lightseekers, a brand new toys-to-life / card game.

The game brings an action adventure role-playing game to mobile blending together smart action figures with artificial intelligence, augmented reality, interactive trading cards, and much, much more. It’s an incredibly ambitious game.

“It has been an incredible journey with our partners at TOMY and Toys“R”Us as we all worked tirelessly to make Lightseekers a ground breaking reality,” said Mark Gerhard, CEO and Co-Founder of PlayFusion. “Having the Lightseekers product available now at Toys“R”Us stores is the culmination of two and half years of hard work, but it’s just the beginning. We have many more exciting innovations coming over the next few months to Lightseekers, so get ready for the future of connected play.”

While the Lightseekers game is completely free to download and fully playable players will get the most out of the game by purchasing packs of cards as well as the game’s action figures which contain The FusionCore.

The FusionCore is a powerful mini-computer found within each action figure and acts as the brains of the outfit removing the need for an external NFC base station and allowing two-way interaction between the game and the figure itself. These figures also have interchangeable accessories that level up as players progress, and switching out these accessories has immediate effect in game too.

Finally, there’s the AR card element to the game. Already there are over 385 cards to collect, each of which add another new element to the game, as well as its own standalone card game experience. When scanned into the game, it’ll also bring it to life offering powerful in-game abilities for the player.

The best part is that the game, the cards, and the action figures can all be enjoyed independently from each other, which is fantastic.

The Lightseekers Starter Pack will set you back £69.99 but will give players their own playable Tyrax or Mari action figure as well as 5 Trading Cards and a Tribute Card. Individual Weapon and Flight Packs can also be purchased for £14.99.

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