Titan Comics has released the second issue of their Little Nightmares comic book series, and it almost continues where the last one left us, however it’s becoming clear that the series has little to do with the actual game itself.

Following the events of the first issue we found that Six, the protagonist from the game, had stumbled across a group of other children who have found sanctuary in the dark ventilation shafts and unoccupied rooms of the Maw. From here we received an origin story of how one of these children found their way to the floating mechanical vessel, and how it seemed to be more of an escape away from the horrors of the real world.

In comes issue 2 which offers much of the same. This time we’re told the tale of another one of the children within the group, offering an equally chilling story of how they reluctantly followed friends into an abandoned house, something we’ve all hoped to find as a kid. However things took a sinister turn when things they could only imagine to be true, came true.

So far, the Little Nightmares comic series does little to extend the story of the game and rather tells its own tales based on the narrative-less storytelling of the video game. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing however for fans of the game hoping to get as much out of the game’s lore as possible, there’s little you’ll find here.

That being said, the Little Nightmares comics are fantastic standalone reads, especially for those looking for something a little creepy to flick through. As always the art style is on par with the game offering warped and creepy drawings that over exaggerate the subject matter. The stories themselves also make for an interesting read, especially in issue 2 which brings to life the saying “be careful what you wish for”.

The series manages to spark curiosity, leaving you wondering how the other members of the little group ended up on The Maw. It also leaves you wondering why they’ve ended up being brought to The Maw, as if the horrors they were being saved from weren’t bad enough.

I can tell that something is brewing here, as the end of each comic has a hint towards an overarching narrative that’ll likely be revealed near the end of the series, and I’ll admit, it’s a pleasant journey to this end, but I did want a little more from the series so far.

Though I’m slightly disappointed that Six takes more of a back seat on this series so far, I am however looking forward to issue 3.

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