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Mei’s Backstory Explored in New Overwatch Short

"Our world is worth fighting for."

A new animated Overwatch short has revealed more on Mei’s backstory and her motivation for joining Overwatch.

‘Rise and Shine’ shows Mei’s time working at Ecopoint Antarctica with her fellow climatologists and eagle-eyed fans will see her explore plenty of recognisable landmarks. It shows Mei going into a cryogenic sleep while the team wait for a blizzard to blow over.

Sadly, it seems that she overslept and after waking up nine years later she must work with her trusty assistant (and friend) Snowball to escape the site and reconnect with Overwatch.

Part of the new short shows Mei inventing her ice blaster and using it for the first time (along with some moves that will later become her abilities). There’s also a part that connects what happens in the short to the wider Overwatch narrative.

While a little darker than other shorts at times, Mei fans will be pleased to get to know their favourite climatologist a little better and the piece stands out as one of the stronger animations.

Watch ‘Rise and Shine’ here:

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